GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas will transfer you to 1992, state of San Andreas. The main character is called Carl Johnson or CJ, he is an African American, 25 years old. The guy is back to San Andreas after 5 years spent in another place – Liberty City. He left his native city after the death of his brother. Now he comes here because of another tragic event of his family – his mother was killed by the enemies of the family. When CJ is on his way back home, police officers stop him. The hero is being blamed in the murder of another officer, the member of C.R.A.S.H. squad. However, this is a fake trumped-up charge, because the real criminal is the police officer, who tries to hide his activity. Now he blackmails CJ and forces him to work for police, killing people that are hostile for their criminal activity.
After a tough dialogue with the police, they throw CJ out of the car in the dangerous district of the city controlled by the Ballas gang. These people perceive our hero as an enemy, so he is in a real trouble – they are representatives of different gangs in conflict. Luckily, CJ manages to get out of there and arrives home. He meets his old friend Harris and visits the funeral of his mother. On the graveyard, our hero meets his elder brother and another friend. His brother acts aggressively and the quarrel starts. The troubles continue when CJ comes home – he and his friend are attacked by the Ballas gangsters, so they grab two bicycles and ride away. The plot develops as Carl draws into activity of his district’s band, fight with the Ballas guys for territory, steals weapons, etc. His brother sees that CJ works for the sake of the clan productively and starts treating him better until they become friends again.
This is how the story starts. The next events are connected with CJ’s attempts to become more influential and get the power. He will experience betrayal of the closest people, get into numerous troubles, and take part in endless robberies. The gang fights are dangerous and they never stop! You are the one to make the right decision and help the main character achieve his goals, which is not an easy task. Stand against the opposing gang, police, and other enemies.

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21 Stars
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