As you may know, GTA games are famous for their freedom of actions and numerous things to do. Players can move around the city wherever they want. You can drive any transport you see on the road, kill any person you see, and interact with the objects of the environment in any way you want – your imagination is the limit. As for the fourth part of the game, here you will find numerous add-ons, new cool features, and improvements! Just like in the previous parts of the game, you will have to complete numerous tasks provided by various characters of the game. Most of your missions will be connected with crime. Successful completion of the missions will open new ways to follow, expand the opportunities and allow you to get new tasks, open new districts of the city, get new weapons, etc. In general, there are 88 plot-related missions here plus additional tasks – tasks from policemen, auto theft, racing, murders, objects search, and more.
The mechanics of the battles and gunfights were 100% recreated for this chapter. There is a system of shelters now – you can hide in nearby blocked places and continue shooting from there. Using the automatic aiming, you can capture the enemy and shoot precisely when you leave the shelter or at least stick your hand with a gun out of there. You can also do some “blind” fire, aiming different parts of the body and causing various damage. For example, if you shot the enemy’s hand or leg, he won’t die, but experience difficulties with movement. Headshots will kill anyone at once. Even the slightest injure causes damage to every object, which adds realism to the game. The total amount of weapon is smaller now – you can use only fifteen guns in the fourth chapter of the series. What is more, gamers are welcome to fight their enemies bear handed, but the combat system is more advanced and complicated than it was before.

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