The classics of RPG genre are here for you – this is the third part of famous GTA, one of the most popular game series ever existed. This part is an action-adventure that includes elements of a shooter, driving game, investigation, and more! The title features a cool open world available for travelling, discoveries, and numerous activities. The environment includes numerous interactive elements and players can interact with them the way they want – objects, people, enemies, potential comrades, everything you can imagine! Make friends, fight, steal, and do some intrigues – everything is in your hands and depends on your playing style. Enjoy freedom and have fun!
The third part of the series develops the central ideas of the previous one. Here you will have to deal with unlawful actions and take part in criminal deeds. Different characters on your way will provide missions and small tasks – you are the one to decide whether to take them or not. Most of your “customers” are criminal authorities and bosses, as well as regular people. You will get the tasks privately from them or by public pay telephones located around the city. Players can receive special addition tasks in case they appear in the concrete places or sit in the right cars. Before you end the current mission, you cannot take a new one, so be mindful and choose those that are beneficial for your plans and development.
The character controlled by you can ride any transportation mean. However, he can also move by feet, run, jump, and swim. He is able to fight with his enemies using guns, knives, and bare-handed. The open world encourages you to move freely around the city and chose what you want to do in this rich and huge universe. Still, not all city districts are open from the very start – to unblock restricted ones, you will have to complete the plot-related missions. You will need those missions only in case you want to get to particular spots of the map. If you don’t – then the missions that move the plot are not obligatory. Remember that when you take part in criminal missions, you attract police’s attention!

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