Eclipse GTA 5 RP

Eclipse Rp must be one of the best GTA servers ever! Are you ready to see this impressive title in the new light? Looking for the great opportunities to chat with your team members and other visitors of the server? Then this one is perfect for you. Enter the game online and have fun on Eclipse platform – we have uploaded this great version of the game right here. No downloads or installations needed – everything works from one fast click. Just do it and you are there!
So the fifth part of amazing GTA is something you must see, especially if you are a fan of RPG genre. If you have already played the previous parts, then we bet that you don’t have any doubts considering this chapter – this is an absolute must-play for everyone. The game features cool sandbox environment, which means that everything around you is highly-interactive. The fifth part is the first one in the series where there are two main characters and you are welcome to switch among them at any moment. The gamers can enjoy an absolute freedom of actions – you can travel around the big city and the districts, robber people at the streets, steal cars, or… live a life of a regular person. Yes, you can dive into the world of crime and chaos or abandon this idea and stay on your sofa playing mobile games or walking your dog in the park. Each of the characters has unique abilities – some of them can control the time and make it go slower; the others are able to become insane berserkers during the fights and tear the enemies into pieces.
The location of GTA 5 is Los Santos, a fictional city. The events take place in distant 2013, when the former buddies and bank robbers Michael and Trevor meet again and decide to start a new life. The main aim of the character is to steal 200 million dollars from Federal Storage of the USA. Pretty ambitious and super-dangerous, right? Join this couple and get ready to face numerous challenges and difficulties on your way. Your decisions and choices will lead you to one of the possible endings.

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