Are you watching numerous teasers and searching for the hints that will convince you about the soon release of amazing GTA 6? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore, because finally you have found the game itself. The newest part of the richest RPG in the history is here and you are welcome to start a full-fledged digital life in the world of GTA one more time. Fresh content, new plots to follow, cool heroes to meet, amazing soundtrack, and endless paths to step on. All the best features and hours of incredible entertainment are waiting for you in the latest chapter of a masterful series! Here you go!
This part of the game includes numerous locations and the travelling options are vast. Unlike previous chapters that were based in one city, this title includes a couple of them. The main events are happening in South America and you will see Vice City again. There is also a nice surprise you will definitely like – the game allows you to transfer the character in time, so you will have a chance to visit London of 60s, for example. Large cities and smaller towns are all at your disposal, so the number of areas to visit is nearly endless. Even if you start in the small town, you can end up in a huge city operating a criminal or drug-dealing band. By the way, the main mix up of the game is connected with the criminal world, as always in GTA. Namely, the world of drug traffic – one of the most dangerous and tricky segments of human existence.
This chapter features better graphics. We must admit that is looks more like a movie than a video game, so you will definitely like the photographical landscapes and well-drawn characters. Not all the characters are American – there are representatives of different races here. The best part – they all talk their native languages! Don’t worry – if you don’t know any Italian or Mexican, that’s absolutely okay, because there are subtitles for every talking character, so you will get the translation right away. Get into the most realistic game in the history of GTA, enjoy incredible visuals, great locations, and interesting characters with unique destinies and traits. As always, choose your own path to follow and do whatever your mind and heart suggest – the open world of the title allows you to become whatever you want (if you will manage to do so, of course). Get the power, gather your own gang, and become a real criminal authority! Or be traveler and observe the peculiarities of people’s life – keep up with your own style and have fun!

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