GTA 10

The real fans of GTA series are always waiting for a fresh part of the game to appear. The sixth one is almost here, in a little while to appear. However, have you ever thought of the further stories? It seems like the world of GTA is so rich and interesting, like life itself. As such, the number of game chapters can be literally endless and gladden us with brand new content all the time. Why not? It doesn’t seem that the developers are not inspired to continue, so we can always stay tuned for the new projects. What is going to happen in the tenth part of the marvelous series?
The spot for the tenth part of the title might be Miami, as some fans suggest. This place is atmospheric, bright, and really tempting, which are the best traditions and characteristics of our favorite series. However, there are even more opinions supported by the informational leaks and they claim that the events of the tenth part will take place around numerous city. The developers are not very likely to restrict you – players will have a chance to visit numerous huge cities that have already been shown in the past chapters, some new locations, as well as smaller in-between towns and villages. It seems like the travelling options will be really exciting, so make sure to get yourself a mighty car! Mostly, the suggestions claim that four huge metropolises will turn their lights on: Liberty City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and its districts, and Washington DC. The tenth part is far in the future and the fans suggest that they will see it in thirty years. However, that’s okay, because we are going to enjoy other new chapters that will come out during that long period.
Talking about the in-between projects, we mean the parts of the series (sixth, seventh, eight, etc.), as well as small installations from the developers. For example, Vice City is one of them, which means that the creators won’t stop and present some more. It is expected that the events of the game will take part in the real-life cities. The most awaited are London and large Italian cities, like Venice and Rome. These cities are so desired since they have incredible historical atmosphere and great architecture. It would be really amazing to see them in the best game of the century! Stay tuned!

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