Welcome to San Andreas, a beautiful place where strange things happen. This city is a center of the criminal world of America, so whenever you come here, get ready for a challenge. Taking your place in the hierarchy is not that easy, especially when you’ve got everything on line, including your life. The days in hot San Andreas pass slowly or flash like lightening, depending on the path you choose to follow. Which one will become yours? Partly, the direction depends on you, but there are some other factors, like people around and situations that occur. Even though, you are the one to choose your interactions and follow a particular line of behavior. Do your best to choose the great path – even if it is not the best one, at least it must be interesting!
Samp Rp has always been one of the most popular tools to enjoy role playing, namely – famous GTA. Have you been looking for the most convenient way to transfer to the world of this impressive title? You have found one. Now you are welcome to launch the title right from your computer online – we have prepared a very special version for you. As for the game itself, we bet that you know a lot about this masterpiece, especially if you like high-quality entertainments with numerous opportunities and lively worlds to discover. So, let’s say a couple of words about the legendary GTA to make you inspired and start playing!
The main peculiarity of the game is an opportunity to outlive the whole life in a real city – open, endless, and full of unexpected events. The city is calling you, but will you become someone really worthy and influential here? Everything depends on your smartness, skills, wittiness… and charm. However, do you really want to tie yourself to the world of crime? GTA doesn’t force you – you can become a peaceful guy living your calm life in a nice house near the countryside. And this is the real beauty of GTA – everything can happen, there are numerous options and unexpected moments, just like in the real life, but you have some degree of control. The scenario choice is yours, so you can follow a particular storyline and make various plots happen. Be a gangster, robber, mafia boss, car stealer, authority, or just a calm man living his calm life. Enjoy GTA for free online – we welcome you to experience everything right now!

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